What is HDR? HDR definition

What is HDR? HDR definition

What is HDR? You came here probably to understand what is HDR and to what it refers, didn’t you? HDR refers to the High dynamic range, what means that dynamic range of photography is higher than in the standard photo. This term is used in visual aspects, 3D graphics, sound and also radio and instrumentation. In this article, we will be talking about HDR definition in typical – visual context, as this blog mainly refers to photography. Even though that the definition is a bit complicated I will try to explain it in the simplest possible way.

HDR definition – What is HDR?

Basically speaking – as we mentioned previously everything is based on the context we speak about. HDR is a picture in brightness range which is almost exactly the same as in the eye of the regular person. How do we calculate HDR then? HDR is calculated as a ratio from the brightest point that appears on the picture to the darkest possible point. It creates the full range of HDR of this picture. I know it seems pretty complicated, but there is no easier definition. HDR is quite a difficult term to explain, as I mentioned earlier.

HDR Photography

What is HDR? Photography definition

If you ever had any kind of experience with professional photography using DSLR’s you will probably understand definition related to photography. A person that takes the picture do five same shoots in the same place, but there is always a different time of exposure for each photo. Let’s assume that you do photography from the darkest – 1/500s and next ones will be 1/250s, 1/125s, 1/50s and the brightest one – 1/10s. Now all you have to do is to combine those pictures to single one in post-production software like Adobe Lightroom.


An example of differences between HDR off and HDR on.

What is HDR in post-processing?

HDR software is used to create a single picture based on those which were made by photographer previously. Complicated algorithms are used to combine few pictures into just a single one. It requires a pretty powerful computer to do lots of calculations. Furthermore, after rendering the final picture user can adjust certain things as brightness, contrast, colors, tint, hue and much more. The only drawback is that software is very expensive, but there are free alternatives which are shown in the other article.

What is HDR – finally explained

I hope that reading this article wasn’t especially tiring for you and your eyes. With the knowledge that I just presented to you, you will be able to explain to the other’s what is HDR, what is the definition of HDR, and why people do use HDR.

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