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HDR vs 4k

HDR and 4k are two definitions that are often, probably too often confused by internet and professional cameras users. In this short article I will try to explain you in the simplest possible way HDR vs 4k – what are they, how do they differ, and why people so often get confused talking about those two things.

Night photo HDR 4k

Example of 4k HDR photo in night


HDR vs 4k – definitions

In the previous article that you can find clicking this link – HDR definition and what is HDR? I mentioned what is the meaning of HDR which refers to high dynamic range photography. This definition refers to this how are photos taken in HDR and how computer software combines a few pictures into the single one to create great looking photos. 4k refers to resolution and quality of photography. What does 4k HDR mean? 4k is the resolution which means that picture made by the photographer is 4096 × 2160 pixels. You probably heard about FullHD, 1080HD, HD720, or 1080p or 720p. All of them refer to resolution sizes. The bigger the number the better the resolution of the shooted photo.

HDR vs 4k – are they similar?

In some way, we definitely can say that they are close to each other because both of them refer to photography and things related to photography. Bear in mind that after you already know the definition you should be able to show differences between 4k and hdr. There is no such thing as HDR vs 4k, unless you want to know what is better for photography, but this section we will mention in next paragraph.

HDR photo

Even 4k hdr photo may be bad if it is bad post-processed

HDR vs 4k – what is more important?

Now we hit the point where we must say something about the importance about both of them – hdr and 4k. First of all, we will focus on hdr effect. It really influences photos a lot. By this I mean to say photos with HDR are great looking, usually, but… Even if you have the really nice image with HDR and you have only 640×320 resolution it might suit the only Instagram. If you want to do photography in a professional way, or show to your relatives high-quality photos it is very important to do them in best possible quality, such as 4k.

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